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Founded in 1994, Eve Alexander is acknowledged as the industry's first line of exclusive maternity/nursing lingerie, providing expectant and nursing moms practicality, style and comfort.  While the motto of Eve Alexander is “Never underestimate a power of a good bra”, the Eve Alexander line of nursing and maternity lingerie offers much more.  Eve Alexander located in Carmel, Indiana has tapped into an international market of expecting and nursing moms who want to celebrate their pregnancies and beyond with their own person style.  

Designed to enhance an expectant or nursing mother’s sense of style and femininity, Eve Alexander maternity and nursing lingerie is offered in a variety of colors and styles that aren’t typically found in traditional nursing bras or apparel.   All Eve Alexander nursing bras are offered with matching bikini bottoms. 

In addition to traditional white, beige and black, Eve Alexander offers unique color choices such as ocean blue, rose red and sweet pink.  All Eve Alexander maternity and nursing bras feature unlined, soft cups that provide a slight pushup with out extra padding that be bulky or difficult to handle when nursing.  To avoid the possibility of clogged milk ducts or mastitis, all Eve Alexander maternity and nursing bras are without underwire and have a drop-cup style that allows for easy nursing.  Eve Alexander maternity and nursing lingerie adds a touch of style with pieces edged in lace or patterned fabrics and are made from a blend cotton/nylon/rayon/spandex. Eve Alexander maternity and nursing bras feature straps that are adjustable from the front and provide a supportive back-hook closure, allowing adjustment for pre- to post-pregnancy changes.  Typically, during pregnancy and nursing, a woman’s breasts will increase by one bra and one cup size. Eve Alexander maternity and nursing bras are available in sizes 34B-40D. 

The Eve Alexander matching bikini bottoms provide support for pre-and post-partum tummies and Eve Alexander bikini panties have adjustable side straps to allow both expectant and new moms to wear the bikinis as their bodies change.  The Eve Alexander bikini bottoms are sexy and stylish with a sheer lace/patterned front and a full/solid back.  Another unique feature of the Eve Alexander bikini is the slight underbelly elastic that provides support and extra comfort, without binding, when sitting.  Available in sizes
S-XL, Eve Alexander bikini panties are made from a blend of imported nylon/spandex/Cotton/Rayon.

One of the biggest complaints that manufacturers receive regarding expectant and nursing mother apparel is the lack of a good combination of form, function and style.  The line of Eve Alexander maternity and nursing lingerie addresses those concerns and provides options to make the expectant or nursing mother feel feminine, yet supported.
Women who want to maintain their personal style, feeling of femininity and sexiness during and after their pregnancy appreciate Eve Alexander maternity and nursing lingerie.


Eve Alexander maternity and nursing lingerie look great.  A woman’s pregnant body is beautiful and should be appreciated.  This lingerie allows you to feel good about yourself while still meeting the functional needs of a nursing mom and her baby.  Diane  H. – OH

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