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Nursing Bras Frequenty Asked Questions

Why do I need maternity bra and/or nursing bra?

As I am sure you have noticed, your body changed quite a bit during
your pregancy. Most moms-to-be find the their breast size has increased.
Some of you will be estatic at the added inches, but find your bras
don't fit anymore. Those pre-pregnancy bras simply are not designed to
provide the comfortable support of a maternity or nursing bra that your
heavier breasts need. Buying a nursing bra before your baby is born
will not only offer you extra comfort at this time, but will save you the time,
effort, and money of buying a nursing bra once your baby is born.

When should I buy my first maternity bra or nursing bra?

Your breast size will generally stabilize by the sixth to the eighth month
of your pregnancy. You may no longer feel comfortable in the fit of your
pre-pregnancy bras at an earlier stage, but you should consider buying a
nursing bra only in the third trimester of your pregnancy. Waiting until
after your baby is born to buy you first nursing bra is not recommended.
Immediately after birth, your breasts are likely to surge in size. Once you
have established a regular feeding schedule (about two weeks time),
your breasts will balance the supply of milk. You will again be able to wear
your the maternity or nursing bras you have purchased comfortably.

Your breasts should stabilize to about one cup size larger than your
pre-birth bra size. If you do order nursing bras after delivery, most woman
can feel comfortable ordering a nursing bra one cup size up from the
current size they are wearing. However, every woman's body is different.
This is only our general recommendation.

How many maternity or nursing bras will I need?

We recommend having a minimum of three nursing bras; Two daytime
nursing bras or tops, and a sleeping nursing bra top. You will then always
have a clean, dry bra available. The popular nursing bra tank is perfect for
both daytime and sleeping.

What is the difference between a daytime nursing bra and sleeping nursing bra?
Do I have to buy both?

Traditional style nursing bras feature extra support for active women.
Whereas sleeping bras or nursing wear allow covenient access without
much support.

Nursing bra tanks offer the best of both, so you do not have to sacrifice
comfort or support. Nursing bra tanks can be worn under other garments
or alone and are comfortable for sleeping. Some nursing tanks offer more
support than others. The nursing bra top featured on our site is one which
is ideal for moms are comfortable in more supportive straps.

You do not necessary need to buy a special nursing bra for every possible event.
If you find a nursing bra system you like, stick with that nursing bra.
It will make nursing easier for you.

We do recommend every nursing woman buy at least one nursing bra that
fits nicely under a business suit or dress for more formal occasions.
You never know! Buy this one once your breast supply is stable.
Trying to buy a nursing bra last minute usually is difficult or impossible.

Should I wear a nursing bra when I am on business or at a social event
and don't plan to nurse immediately?

We recommend wear a nursing bra even when you won't need to
immediately nurse your baby. Nursing bras will support your heavier breasts
better of course. But more importantly, nursing bras conceal nursing pads best.
You want to look and feel your best. A little spill will certainly make statement,
but probably not one you want to make.

A padded nursing bra will give you extra confidence against leaks.
Businessmen might notice your curves and not that you brought your own
"beverage" to the meeting

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